Thursday, February 18, 2010

Careful With That Alarm Clock

Luna News
By Kaye Mindar

I own a great alarm clock; it’s atomic, so it always has the correct time and battery back-up, so power outages are never a worry. There is just one problem; the little switch that you set what time zone you are in is right next to the alarm set button. I set the alarm wrong and got my husband up at 3:45 instead of 4:45 and he had to drive to Flagstaff.
The problem is some people are grumpy when they have a meeting in Flagstaff and just need a little more sleep. I’m the last of a dying breed of 1950’s wives (but born in the sixties); packing lunches and cooking breakfasts. I talked to some family this morning and we all decided we’d rather be busy than bored, but sometimes I could use that extra hour of sleep. I know papa bear could too.
Pot luck
Love and good wishes go out to Ann Snyder who celebrated her 80th birthday on Thursday in true Luna style at the community center. There was a full pot luck dinner and plenty of friends and family.
Reserve School
Congratulations to Kayli Laney who placed second in the recent BPA state competitions. We would also like to recognize Aubrey Laney who also placed and represented Reserve Schools well with her presentation.
The reunion committee is currently working on a Reserve Schools high school reunion for all who have attended in the past. No date has been set yet and any further information will be printed here as it becomes available.
Luna Fire and Ambulance are proud of those who move on with skills they have learned from being a volunteer and would like to recognize Melissa Mindar. She worked hard after leaving Luna to continue her education. Melissa is now certified in Texas (and nationally) as an EMT and is working full time for El Paso County.
Preparedness corner
What do you do when chicken little is right? The first step in successfully responding to crisis and trauma is to be prepared – mentally, emotionally and physically. Being mentally prepared is often the hardest obstacle to overcome. To be mentally prepared, one must first accept that something bad can happen. It’s not a pleasant thought and as a result most people would rather not consider it – the "it will never happen to me" or "it’s always the other guy" attitude seems to prevail. I like to think of being mentally prepared as playing the "what if" game.
What will I do if this, or that, happens? How will I respond? Am I prepared to respond? This simple exercise allows for some thought as well as the formulation of an action plan in response to a given situation. Without some mental preparation there is a good chance that fear, panic and the inability to act appropriately will result and our goal is to be in control when the world around you seems out of control.
Genealogy corner
When my dad dug out our root cellar we made a “time capsule” and it was cemented in the wall. I remember putting pictures and being asked to write the letter to whomever finds it, if ever. For a family project a genealogy capsule is a great idea when you are constructing anything. Remember to add things like toys, a family tree chart, a letter or newspaper of current events. Be creative and make it fun, and get as many as you can in your family involved. This may just get the ball rolling for more genealogy projects and that’s what we like.

Quote of the week:
“A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.”
~Attributed to Arthur McBride Bloch


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