Thursday, January 7, 2010

State Enviornmental Dept. Unveils New Rules For Selling Home Prepared Food

Mountain Mail Reports

The New Mexico Environmental Department has instituted new rules for those selling home prepared food.
According to a press release from the agency, as of Jan. 1, those who sell home-based food products are required to have a $100 yearly permit, and attend a food safety course.
The press release states that the permit “will allow the sale of non-potentially hazardous foods that can be prepared in home-based food processing operations within state jurisdiction.”
It says those foods include yeast and quick breads, cookies, cakes, tortillas, high sugar pies and pastries, high-sugar jam and jellies, dry mixes, candy and fudge - foods that do not support the rapid and progressive growth of infectious microorganisms, including botulism.
Home-based processed foods can only be sold at farmers markets, roadside stands, fairs, and fiestas located within the Environmental Department's jurisdiction.
Home-based foods can not be sold to or made available to retail stores for resale or sold through the Internet.
If applicable, those foods must be packaged in food grade packaging and labeled. The label must include the statement “home-based food product.”
Those selling home-based foods must attend or have attended within the last five years an Environmental Department-approved food safety training course.
The home-based food processing operation must have an approved water and waste water disposal and treatment system.
The residential areas designated as part of the home-based food processing operation are subject to inspection by Environmental Department.
The food permit costs $100 a year. To obtain a permit to operate, a seller can submit an application to the Socorro field office, 198 Neel Avenue. The application package is at or at the office on Neel Ave.

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