Thursday, January 14, 2010

‘Arts Party For Adults’

By John Larson

SOCORRO - As a result of the overwhelming success of the annual Arts Party at Finley Gym, a similar event - this time as a fundraiser - has been planned by Performing Arts Series at Macey Center.
The afternoon’s events will include food and music, silent and live auctions of original art items donated by area artists, and workshops from ballroom dancing to pottery.
“We saw how many parents were getting involved in their kids’ project, we thought it would be nice to have an Arts Party for Adults,” PAS Director Ronna Kalish said. “This way us older people can have fun and learn new ways to make art, and also help out the Performing Arts Series.”
Workshops offered include water color, mixed media, ballroom and belly dancing, corn husk dolls, and even beaded flip flops.
Kalish said several of New Mexico Tech’s Community College art teachers will be conducting the arts workshops.
“People will get a chance to meet the art teachers and see what they do,” Kalish said. “And if people are interested, they can enroll in one of their college classes.”
Several instructor from the Community College will be participating, as well as artists from the general area.
Laurie Gregg of Magdalena will be demonstrating print making, and offer hands-on instruction.
“I have a small press I’m going to be bringing,” Gregg said. “It’s an interesting way to do print making at home without the expense.”
The inexpensive factor is not having to buy specialized equipment, Gregg said.
“It’s a pasta maker. But I will have a real press there, too,” she said. “I like making art like this more accessible; taking the mystique out of doing art. Letting the general public say ‘I can do that’.”
Artist Kellilynn Hann of Magdalena and Leau Phillips of Albuquerque will be making artist trading cards, small format artworks “about the same size of baseball cards.”
“They are called Artist Trading Cards or ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals),” Hann said. “The difference between them, traditionally, is that ATCs are for trade and ACEOs are for sale. A lot of people use the terms interchangeably now.”
She said the cards are a standard 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and can be on any medium, watercolor paper, wood, metal, or anything else, as long as it is that size.
“On terms of making them, they’re helpful for experimenting. You’re doing something on a really small scale so you don’t spend a lot on art supplies.
“People use them for collecting, the same way you would baseball cards,” Hann said. “Some actually do increase in value if an artist becomes more famous. A lot of people stick to the trading thing and do swaps.
Hann said all supplies will be furnished at the Arts Party.
“We will have examples for inspiration and also demonstrate techniques,” she said. “Participants keep their artwork or can trade it with fellow participants.”
Among the workshop teachers are:

Liz Alvarez - Tiles
Theresa Apodaca - Wycinanki Polish Paper Cutting
Nicole Beaudoin/Dancing Rainbows - Tie Dye
Toshiko Bosworth - Origami
Dave Burleigh - Wire Mobiles
Karyn Debont - Gourd Decorating
Vicky Gonzales - Punched Tin
Laurie Gregg - Print-Making
Georgette Evans Grey - Watercolor Painting
Kelly Hann and Leau Phillips - Artist Trading Cards
Carol Kroyer - Fruit Sushi
Skeeter Leard - Pastel Painting
Loretta Lohman - Henri Moore Sock Sculpture
Yvonne Magener - Egg Decorating
Karla Moore - Pot Holders
Dona Nowicki - Mosaic on Glass
Elise Renault - Sunglasses Decorating
Emma Lujan Rison - Clay Name Plates
Crysan Spreng - Pottery Wheel
Deborah Treder - Pin Art
Hannah Treder - Bookmaking
Nadine Ulibarri Keller - Corn Husk Dolls
Laurie Ware - Soap Making
Susie Welch - Flower Pens

Arts Demonstrations:
Dan Klinglesmith - Weaving
Rosemary McClure - Beaded Flip Flops

Dance Workshops:
Julie Johnson - Belly Dancing
Juston Moore - Country Western

The Arts Party for Adults takes place on the Macey Center stage and will run from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 23. The cost of admission is $10.
There will actually three separate events going on at Macey – the arts party, a social hour, and a silent auction.
“In addition to the arts party we will be hosting a simultaneous event, a Social Hour, beginning at five o’clock in the Macey lobby. It goes until seven,” Kalish said. “We’ll have entertainment by Saudade, who play wonderful Brazilian music, and people can enjoy gourmet, tapas-style snacks and one courtesy drink, all part of the entrance price of $15.”
She said the band will continue playing until 8 p.m.
The Silent Auction will also be set up in the upper lobby of Macey.
“People will be able to view the art and make bids right away. The bidding will close at seven o’clock, Saturday, Jan. 23,” Kalish said.
Among the artists donating works are Theresa Boracci, Karyn DeBont, Addie Draper, Robert Enders, Denise Elvrum, Sharon Fullingim, Ed Gangemi, Natasha Isenhour, Dona Nowicki, Georgia Raymond, Estelle Roberge, Mary Schultz, Crysan Spreng, Jana Svobodova, Becky Titus, Barbara Versluis, and Maureen Wilks.
“You can also contribute to the event by donating from your private collection,” Kalish said. “It’s like clearing your closets to make room for new things. We can even arrange to pick up the artwork.”
The Arts Party for Adults and Silent Art Auction Jan. 23 is sponsored in part by Club Macey and the New Mexico Tech Club. Tickets are $15 for the social hour and additional $10 for the adult arts party.

(Photo by John Larson) Artist Elise Renault holds a pelican sculpture while helping to arrange the display of art for the Arts Party for Adults silent auction. Elise is the daughter of Jacques Renault, one of the founding members of the Performing Arts Series. She returns to Socorro every year with her workshop on making “fun, artsy” sunglasses. All items for the silent auction can be viewed and bid on now through Jan. 23 in Macey Center’s upper lobby.

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