Thursday, October 8, 2009

Passerby Rescues Retiree From Ditch

By John Larson
Longtime Socorro businessman Isidro Romero, 80, is recovering after falling into a drainage ditch by Bullock Street Tuesday.
According to Det. Richard Lopez of the Socorro Police Dept., Romero and his wife, Cecilia, were walking their dogs at about 8 a.m. when one of the dogs fell into the ditch near the spillway on Bullock.
“Sidro was trying to get his dog out, and slipped into the water head first,” Lopez said. “Officers responded to the emergency call, and EMS took him to the hospital.”
Romero’s daughter, Nancy Romero, said the situation could have been much worse.
“There is a whirlpool effect at the spillway, and he couldn’t get his head above the water,” she said. “My mother rushed over and attempted to grab his feet to pull him out, so he could get his head out to breath. She tried two or three times, and she could have fallen in, too.”
Just at that moment a passerby saw what was happening and ran over to the ditch, she said.
“He helped her, and after a big struggle they both pulled him up and out,” Nancy said. “It could’ve been a double tragedy if not for the guy who helped.”
She said she did not know his name.
According to Nancy Romero, her father spent Tuesday night at Socorro General Hospital for observation.
Isidro Romero, who owned and operated Sidro’s, a muffler and wheel alignment shop on Neal St. for over 20 years, is known by many Socorroans.

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