Thursday, September 3, 2009

Open House, Volleyball, Fair Report

Luna News
Kay Mindar

Hunting season is now on our doorstep here in Luna and we hope to have a safe season. The Luna Forest Service Work Center has valuable information as to weather and road conditions, but sorry hunters they can’t tell you where the elk are, seems they don’t leave an itinerary.
Please be respectful of our public lands and our homes as you visit the area.
Be cautious and aware of rules and regulations. In the latest news releases there is an interesting article about a Hobbs magistrate who recently ordered a man convicted of poaching a trophy mule deer to pay the state $10,000 in civil damages, this is the maximum penalty under a 3-year-old law that allows the state to seek reimbursement for the loss of a trophy game animal and the maximum penalty ever awarded by a New Mexico judge involving big-game poaching.
We are encouraged to call local authorities or visit to report any quandary of the state proclamation rules that you may witness. Reporters can remain anonymous and earn rewards if information leads to charges being filed. The citizen who reported the 2007 poaching near Hobbs declined to accept a reward.
Fair Results
A full listing of Catron County Fair results is being put together and can be viewed at Some of our big winners from Luna include; Crafts: Eugene Snyder - 3 blue ribbons, Katelyn Nicolds – 1 blue, and Riley Quetel – 4 blue ribbons. Clothing: Ale Gray – 2 blue and Cindy Howell – 4 blue ribbons. In prepared foods: Tera Laney – 1 blue and Riley Quetel – 1 blue. Patti Swapp placed in 5 separate divisions in the horse show and competitions and Jessica Swapp in 1 competition. Our Luna Valley 4-H exhibits honored Katelyn Nicolds receiving 4 ribbons, Emily Nicolds received 4 ribbons, Kory Nicolds received 4 ribbons, Rachel Nicolds received 4 ribbons, William Nicolds received 1 ribbon, and Jarred Nicolds received 1 ribbon. In the Art category William Nicolds received 1 ribbon, Emily Nicolds -1 ribbon, Susan Ley -3-ribbons, and Kayli Laney 1- ribbon. For livestock show results Troy Laney received 5 awards, Joseph Nicolds - 1, Kory Nicolds -1 and Rachel Nicolds – 1.
Results are still being tallied and I apologize if I failed to mention anyone.
Annual Chicken Fry
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Luna Ward annual chicken fry will be held about 5 p.m. with cooking to begin at 3 p.m. this Saturday in the Church parking lot. All are welcomed and invited, please bring cut and defrosted chicken pieces and a side dish for a great meal and social. This will be Labor Day weekend social and we welcome family and friends visiting to come and join the fun.
Estate Sale
Joe and Carol Laney and family will be holding an estate sale Friday, Saturday and Monday this weekend at their home on Highway 180.
Luna Community Center
At 7 p.m. September 10 the Community Center meeting will be a very important one to attend where officers will be elected for the coming year. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month and all are invited to attend. We appreciate the locals who put so much of their time and talents into keeping the building running smoothly and the county managers for their help in maintenance and repair in keeping our old building useable. There is a lot of history in that building from it being used as a school, to Forest Service offices, to hosting community, club and church events.
Community Yard Sale
September’s community center yard sale will run 3 days over the weekend at the Community Center on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There promises to be more tables including bake sale items and produce as our gardens are coming into season. Tables are still available for $3 each. Contact Diana Moyers for more information.
Lunatic Stitchers Raffle
The Lunatic Stitchers quilt raffle will be held after Monday’s Labor Day Holiday. Tickets are still available from any of the stitchers until then. Proceeds are used each year to buy an improvement for our community center and we appreciate the hard work and effort this group so generously contributes.
Preparedness Corner
The next orders for canning foods will be due by September 27 for canning sessions October 23 and 24 and for the last canning session of 2009 orders will be due by October 25, with December 4 and 5 as tentative canning dates. Please contact Joyce Laney for more information.
Genealogy Corner
A must see web site for Catron County genealogists is sponsored by Genealogy Trails History Group and found at
Quote of the Week
“Sometimes it’s important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it’s essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.”
– Douglas Pagels

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