Thursday, August 20, 2009

OPINION: Health ‘Reform’ Is Just Another Cash Grab

by Rick Coddington

The Right Side

Good news! The headlines are finally turning against Obama’s disastrous “healthcare reform.” That may be a glimmer of hope because Obama really, really needs the media.
An article in the Journal says Waxman (of all people) is “questioning” the drug industry deal that Obama has cut with the corporations that are robbing us blind.
Evidently, there is “confusion” even among the Obama faithful about the drug deal. As I wrote weeks ago, that deal must benefit the drug companies or they would not have jumped on Obama’s bandwagon so quickly. If it works for the corporations, guess what … it works against us. We will somehow pay even more for our over-priced prescriptions!
The corporate bottom line is profits. The bigger question is: What is the deal that Obama is trying to give the drug companies anyway? Evidently, even insiders like Waxman don’t know. Why the secrecy Mr. Obama?
Once again, the whole process is totally rotten! We have people on the verge of riots in “town hall meetings” because the monstrous 1,018 page healthcare bill that nobody understands, including the people that are voting on it, evidently! This is all just too crazy!
Obama, Pelosi and Reid have brought America to the brink of riot by their obsessive pursuit of their agenda – an agenda that obviously is not the will of the people that they are supposed to represent.
Speaking of rioting and Reid, did you catch the news blurb that Reid’s fundraising meeting in Albuquerque was “marred by protestors”? Here is my question: Why is Harry Reid, a Senator for Nevada, having fundraisers in New Mexico anyway?! Are we now part of his constituents just because he is (unfortunately) the Senate Majority Leader? No, we are not!
The fact is we can’t vote for him and he absolutely does not represent us. Why is he here then? Is his message, “Hey, you better pay me or I’ll stick it to you even worse?”
Again, this guy absolutely does not represent us and if you take a close look at him he is actually disgusted by common people. Upon the opening of the $650 million Capitol Visitors Center which walls visitors off from the ruling elite like Reid, he was quoted as in D.C. Examiner as saying, “My staff tells me not to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway … In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. …We won’t have to smell the tourists anymore, the new Capitol Visitors Center is sectioned off.”
Evidently he is not offended by the smell of our money though. How is that for arrogance? And what about Pelosi? She is outraged by the fact that we are protesting the healthcare obamanation. Her disgust at our right to free speech led her to proclaim in USA Today that those of us who are standing up to her are “simply un-American.” I guess she gets to decide our citizenship based on our willingness to go quietly to the slaughter. And Obama? He is attacking the media for even showing those un-American protestors battling his healthcare obamanation.
This is not just egomania on his part though. Obama understands the media folks. In his heart of hearts he knows that he is President because of the media. He knows that if he loses the media then even the sleeping rabble in America will wake up and smell the deception.
The facts are already out there, they just don‘t get headlines anymore. The war in Afghanistan is in the toilet. We are taking lots of casualties and spending tons of money that we don’t have. It is just that the media is not trumpeting it like they did when they were working to defeat Bush.
Guantanamo is still there. The economy is still in the tank. The jobless rate is soaring and according to the Federal Reserve there is no end in sight.
But the media stays out of it and that is critical for Obama. Last week there was a picture buried on the internet of an armed guard protecting a grocery delivery truck in Detroit, where they are on the brink of food riots and looting since the supermarket chains have pulled out. Leaving the inner city with only neighborhood groceries and charities to feed them through their estimated unemployment rate of 20 percent. This is Detroit! Michigan! USA! It looked like a scene out of Iraq!
But… no media headlines. So, yeah, Obama has to keep the media focused on his cheery face because reality is too ugly for us peons to be allowed to see. If we were to get the truth from the media we would all become “un-American” and maybe figure out a way to shut down the whole insane big government/deficit agenda, not just “healthcare reform.”

Rick Coddington is a third-generation native New Mexican. He has lived in Socorro since 1974. His opinions do not necessarily represent the Mountain Mail.

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  1. It is like you are angry for the sake of being angry.