Thursday, July 23, 2009

OPINION: A First-Grader Wouldn’t Fall For The GW Scam

By Rick Coddington

As the last in this series about the cap-and-trade bill, which is on its way to costing us yet another trillion dollars, I humbly offer the following facts.
1. The entire human contribution to this stuff is not even a drop in the cosmic bucket. The idea that we can change our lives enough, in any way, to affect the climate is a lie. It is nothing less than egomania for us to believe that humans have such a great effect on the environment.
2. Global warming/climate change is a total hoax. We are being lied to by the politicians and their pseudo-scientists and the media, which dutifully spouts the drivel they are fed without any attempt to find the truth. The truth is easy to find, folks.
There is so much information available to contradict global warming that a first-grader wouldn’t fall for this stuff. Why do we? Busy-ness. We are just too busy. We are all so bombarded with the demands of the rat race that we have no time for research, so we get our “facts” from the media. The problem with that is the media is at best a bunch of dupes or, at worst, a party to the conspiracy. There, I said it.
There are holes in the GW science big enough to drive a semi through, which leads me to believe the whole thing really is a government conspiracy to further rob and enslave us. But, again, who has time to look into all this stuff? We are also brainwashed into accepting so-called “scientific proof” without questioning it.
Think about this: science is defined as “knowledge – as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding, which is “obtained and tested through scientific method.”
That last part is very important, because scientific method is the process through which true scientific results are obtained. It is scientific method, not methods. There is a big difference. Sadly for us, at some point, “scientific method” was abandoned. I have heard it said that it died when the scientists became dependent on government grants. Why? Simple. If a scientist came to a conclusion the government didn’t like, the money dried up. Being brainiacs, scientists started coming up with the conclusions they needed to put bread on the table, regardless of the scientific method.
I realize this stuff is tedious, but bear with me through one last definition. It is really important that we understand these things so we can recognize the truth and not fall for the lies. Scientific method “refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.”
Also, repeatability is critical, because it shows the difference between fact and coincidence. In real science, if something happens one time, it should happen every time. Lets put global warming/climate change to the test, beginning with their “data.” Do they gather “observable, empirical and measurable evidence?” No! There are 1,221 temperature-measuring stations across the United States maintained by the National Weather Service (oops, guess who pays their salary … the politicians).
According to the “data” they have gathered, we are in a crisis. But it is data that is not reliable. There is a Web site,, that will give you the whole story, but here is the bottom line – 89 percent of the reporting stations fail to meet their own agency’s requirements for proper data collection. Things like putting the sensor in the middle of an asphalt parking lot totally jacks the temperature reading up. Why is this such a big deal? Because it destroys the scientific reliability of their science (not to mention making their “scientists” look like a bunch of bare-faced liars).
Why do they claim the world is warming? Remember, this whole global warming hoax is based on the lie that our surface temperature is rising “dangerously.” This panic is based on the supposed “conclusion” that the global surface temperature increased about three-quarters of a degree Celsius during the last century. Three-quarters of a degree in 100 years! Back to surface, 61 percent of the reporting stations are evidently off by two full degrees and 8 percent of the stations are off by five full degrees. This constitutes a big lie when you are arguing about a three-quarter degree “crisis.”
The next big lie is that this (non-existent) crisis is the fault of us evil humans. In reality, keeping in mind (from last week’s column) that the main greenhouse gas is water vapor, not carbon dioxide, then the human contribution to all this is about 0.28 percent, less than one-fourth of 1 percent of the “problem.”
But there is no profit in this inconvenient truth, because water vapor is 99.999 percent natural in origin, and the government can’t tax nature, so guess what? We get the big carbon dioxide lie. Humans can be taxed, into the poor house, if we don’t stop the government thieves!
You don’t need to take my word on any of this, it’s all available at your fingertips. So let them do the walking, and get the truth. And then get mad! Global warming is a hoax. At the very least, it is pseudo-science, because it fails the scientific method requirements. At the worst, it is a conspiracy, and you are the intended victim of this trillion-dollar swindle!

Rick Coddington is a third-generation native New Mexican. He attended UNM and studied political science. He has lived in Socorro since 1974. His opinions do not necessarily represent the Mountain Mail.

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